The Economics of Web Design

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If you are looking for web design in Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, Erie, Longmont, Broomfield or other Front Range locations, it might help you to understand the costs involved in web design. These costs fall into a few categories: graphic design, HTML coding, back-end programming, and/or WordPress design.

The cost of the graphic design aspect of your web design varies drastically from one company to another. Some web designers have absolutely no training in graphic design and you get what you pay for. They charge nothing to design the site, because they don’t actually design it, they just throw it together. A web site concept might vary in price from $100 for a student job, up to thousands for a design from a large marketing firm. Skilled graphic designers make very nice looking web sites. Ask about the graphic design skills of your web designer. Paying five hundred to a thousand dollars for a good design is well worth it.

The cost of the HTML coding of your web site may be the least expensive aspect the job. In this category you see variation also, as some designers do not take pains to see that the sites they create work in different browsers. A growing number of Internet users use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. These browsers have important differences in the way they display web pages. If someone isn’t aware of these differences, a portion of your web site viewers could see a page very differently from the one you see. Paying about three hundred dollars per page for good HTML coding is reasonable.

Database programming that interacts with the users of your website can be very expensive. The reason is that it requires a lot of specialized knowledge and can be the toughest and most time-consuming to make it work right. When a web design company, be very careful in who you select if you need asp, php, or other programming. This type of job often goes wrong at the very beginning. What usually happens is you say you want the site to do “x” and instead of asking you the myriad of questions that should come to mind and figuring out exactly how the job is going to work, the programmer simply tells you “sure”.  As a result, the end product has problems which you did not foresee. The programmer says “not my problem” because he did exactly what you asked for. What you need when you are ordering a web design that has programming behind it is for someone to help you specify the job in its entirety. To specify the job means to look at all the possibilities in advance and define how the site will behave. Without a proper specification, the site will normally not turn out well.

When a website in built in WordPress, there is a combination of graphic design, HTML writing, and sometimes database programming.  Almost all of the sites I build today are built into WordPress to give the client the ability to make changes to and maintain their own website.  I specialize in custom WordPress design.  I create a look for the site and then build that look into WordPress so that the website appears to be a normal website.  I can do virtually any type of job in WordPress including ecommerce and complicated database features.

In summary, you should use an experienced web design company, and you should go over everything that you want in your design in advance. This will avoid many of the problems people experience when purchasing their web design.

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