Sales Pitch

Visit a hotel on the ocean and you’ll have the choice of an ocean view or a garden view.  At New Vibe Web Design, every client gets an ocean view.   Each client deals with a knowledgeable web designer – an individual who understands design, programming, search engine optimization and marketing, and who can communicate about those things without using buzzwords and jargon.

Emails and phone calls are taken or returned quickly.  Deadlines are met (OK, that one can’t be guaranteed, but deadlines are taken very seriously).  Projects are worked on intensely and project times are short.

Every effort is made to understand your business and target market and an eye is always kept on the goal, which is to bring more business to your company.

Technically, you’ll have difficulty finding a more qualified web designer.  I’ve created well over 100 websites and work in several programming languages and platforms.

In terms of cost, my pricing is not the lowest, but it’s not the highest either.  See the website pricing page for detailed pricing information.

The website shopper has a scary task.   Whether you are collecting proposals for a committee to review or comparison shopping for your own personal business, this decision could come back to haunt you.   Here are a few things to think about if you are considering using me:

  • I have references, long term customers who were once in your exact position, deciding whether they should hire me, and they can tell you what it is like working with me (contact information on request).
  • I survive via repeat business and referrals and I’ll be trying to get both from you.
  • I have never said I could do a project and then been unable to do it. If it is beyond my capabilities, I say so!
  • I take a measured approach to marketing, based on realistic goals.
  • I schedule my work carefully, so even when I’m working on a large project, I have time every day to handle phone calls, emails and normal website updates.

Call or email and let’s get started on your site!

Chad Phillips: 720-335-6552
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