Chad Phillips

Age 39 – Living in Superior, Colorado

To continue doing web design and development, to do it better, and to do it with a team.

Work History
Freelance Web Designer/Developer 2005 – present (for over 180 clients)
Reliability Engineer for Honeywell – 2004-2005
Electrical Engineering student and worked for web design company building sites and doing SEO – 2000-2004
Wanderer, like “Cain” on Kung Fu – 1992-2000

Studied Computer and Electrical Engineering at the University of South Florida.  Earned BSEE with 3.98 GPA.  Early focus on computer science including courses in Program Design, Logic Design, Computer Organization, Data Structures, Discrete Mathematics, and C++.  Shifted focus to electrical engineering to gain a more fundamental understanding of computers and the relationship between software and hardware.

Code: HTML/CSS, PHP/mysql, C# and Visual Basic .NET / MSSQL, javascript/jquery, AJAX, ActionScript/Flash, classic ASP

Web Platforms/Environments/Control Panels: Windows, Linux, Plesk, cPanel, phpmyadmin, IIS, SQL Server Management Studio, Enterprise Manager

Software: Microsoft Office and Outlook, Dreamweaver (Code View), Fireworks (preferred), Photoshop, Illustrator, Microsoft Visual Studio

With C#/MSSQL…

  • Took over a custom-developed online store and made extensive changes (approx. 500 hours over the last 3 years).  Changes include a payment gateway integration, backorder tracking and notification system, tracking of individual products within orders, search by size system and other countless changes.  Also identified and fixed a security vulnerability that would have allowed the mining of the entire customer database.
  • Created a multi-stage online application with about 200 fields spread out over a dozen pages, each loading without a page refresh.  The application changed constantly depending on answers to questions.  The form could be saved and finished at a later time.
  • Created a web service to allow for communication between a web site and a SharePoint installation.  This allows clients to log in and view details about the status of their project.
  • Extensive custom programming for an existing system that allowed for the creation of thousands of subdomains with dynamic content.  This was in VB.

In PHP/mysql…

  • Created a full-featured business directory
  • Created a true custom URL feature for a Zen Cart store
  • Built a custom CMS based on fckEditor
  • Countless smaller projects

In HTML/CSS and javacript/jQuery…

  • Tableless design, complex positioning, cross-browser solutions, everything.

Excel at finding solutions, without having to study the problem from the ground up.

Work Examples
Many of the sites in this portfolio, were created with no help of any kind, including the logo design.  On many of the sites, the logo was provided.  Some of the sites were a collaboration with a graphic designer and on a few of the sites, there was collaboration with a programmer.  View the portfolio.

OSCommerce, Zen Cart, eShop, SunShop, X-Cart, VirtueMart
Extensive experience with WordPress – Gotta Love WordPress
Very limited experience with Joomla and Drupal, but have worked with both

Web Application Security
Have devoted many hours to the study of this subject and apply what was learned.

Playing chess and basketball, watching movies and football, and reading.