ME Webhost Hosting Company Customer Review

May of 2008

ME Webhostwill not stop putting unauthorized charges on my credit card. They just recently put the third unauthorized charge on my card, and I sent them a cancellation notice over 4 months ago! Here is the story of my experience with ME Webhost.

In early 2008, I ordered a hosting account from ME Webhost in Arizona, because they offer support for some software I wanted to experiment with. About 10 days later, I found a different solution, and notified ME WEbhost by email of my intention to cancel. After not hearing from them for 5 days, I phoned and was told that I had emailed the correct address and that I should do it again. I promptly emailed again. I thought that they didn’t respond because they were unprofessional and I forgot about the whole thing. I never so much as logged into my account.

About 60 days after my initial order, and about 50 days after my cancellation request, I was charged the $10.99 monthly hosting fee by ME Webhost. I emailed the same email address I had used before, informing them that I would report this as fraud to my bank AND RECEIVED AN IMMEDIATE RESPONSE. While emailing back and forth, the ME Webhost billing department rep informed me that they had received my emails and had responded, but ignored my requests to forward me those emails as proof. I disputed the charge and won, but ME Webhost promptly charge me a second time. I disputed this charge and won and they have now charged me again.

If I was in Arizona, I would visit ME Webhost and ask to speak with a manager and try to handle this matter; if you look on their site, you’ll see that there really isn’t a way to reach anyone other than sales and billing. Sales tells me to talk to billing. Billing will not return my calls or emails. I have reported this activity to the attorney generals of Arizona and Florida and to the Better Business Bureau.. I hope ME Webhost ends this dispicable activity and stops playing stupid games with people’s credit card information.

You can visit this page to see where they were caught posting fake positive reviews on their own company to try to offset all the negative ones.

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