Custom Web Design – How This Works

Let’s start with who you are and what you need.

First, if you are looking for a purely informational site, don’t care about how it looks too much and have been considering a “build-it-yourself” solution. What’s there to consider? Just go use a “build-it-yourself” solution. The problems with that are just too numerous to go into and you have to see it to understand. It’s cheap and easy to try, so go try it! Seriously, there is a chance it will work just fine for you. Be sure to bookmark this page in case you need to find it later.

If you need a professional web presence, want to have real control over each detail of it’s content and appearance and would prefer that it look great, then you have an important choice to make:
individual web designer, small web design company, or big web design company.

In general, a big company can handle larger projects and produce greater quality than a small company, but will charge more money for a very similar product. If you think about it, what this means is that if you have a project that can be adequately handled by a small company, you are wasting money by using a big company. Big companies have larger offices, more administrative costs, etc. and have to charge more.

Well, so how do you know if the smaller company can handle your project adequately? If you see websites similar to what you need developed in their portfolio, then it’s a safe bet you’re in good hands. If you don’t see what you have in mind, it might be worth a phone call. What you think of as being complicated might actually be easy to produce or well within their capabilities. Yes, it could be a little tricky since someone could claim to have capabilities they don’t have, so your instincts must come into play a little bit.

So what about individual web designers? Aren’t they cheaper than small companies? Yes, due to lower overhead, individual designers are able to charge less for the same web site. The question is, do they have all of the skills needed to produce the site.

Let’s consider what happens at a big company when you order your web site. Perhaps six people are assigned to your project: project manager, graphic designer, content manager, two programmers, search engine optimizer.

At a small company, you might have three people doing the same work: project manager/content manager, graphic designer, programmer/search engine optimizer.

If you use an individual designer, then they must do all of these things alone. This better be one highly-skilled individual!

New Vibe Web Design is Chad Phillips, a highly-skilled individual, plus additional folks who specialize in graphic design or programming who sometimes get involved in a project.  Most of what you see on this site was developed by one person.  So, can one person manage your project?  Let me tell you why you want one person to manage your project.

Chad Phillips
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