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So you’ve seen those websites with smoothly animated graphics and impressive presentations and you’ve decided that you want one of those. They are called Flash websites, not just because they are flashy, but because Flash is the name of the industry-standard program used to build them. If you are looking for a Flash website design in Boulder or Louisville CO, there are some things you should consider first.

First, let’s differentiate between a Flash website design Boulder, CO and a “hybrid” website design in Tampa. A hybrid design would be one that uses some Flash elements inside a normal web page. Visit the home page of this site for an example of a hybrid design. A full Flash website design in Boulder has only Flash and is in fact one big Flash movie. When you select a button and go to another page, you actually are just seeing the Flash movie change and are not going to another page. Here is an example of a Flash site I did for the Harbin & McCarron Law Firm.

So with that being made clear, lets look at the major pitfall of having a full Flash website design Boulder CO and Louisville: the search engines cannot read the text contained in a Flash movie. As a result, Flash movies tend to do very, very poorly on the search engines. Since this is so important to most companies, a Flash movie is probably not the best way to go. Other disadvantages of a full Flash website design are:

• much more expensive to build
• much more expensive to edit and maintain
• the entire site, every page and image, must load before the user sees anything about the company (you’ve sat waiting for a site to load before I’m sure.)
• did I mention bad search engine rankings?

Here are the advantages to a Flash site:

• You can have music play continuously while users navigate from page to page
• OK, they do look great!
• Copying pictures and especially text is more difficult for would-be content thieves

If the advantages of having a fully Flash website design in Boulder CO outweigh the disadvantages, you should create an HTML version of your site and offer it to all visitors before they download the Flash version. This increases your maintenance burden and your initial costs even more, but at least you can get the kind of rankings you should get for being a relevant site with valuable content. Regardless, we can help with your website design in Tampa. Give us a call today!

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