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Would you rather call me every time you want to add something to your website or would you rather do it yourself? Over the years, people have almost always answered that they would prefer to edit their own site if possible. For some people, this was the most important requirement. I would usually advise against it, but thanks to WordPress, I now suggest it and try to convince people to take control of their own business website.

What’s so great about WordPress? And isn’t it just for blogging? First, understand that when you talk about editing your own website, you are talking about a “content management system”. There are many content management systems; many are free and some cost money. WordPress did start out as a content management system used to publish a blog. Since then it has evolved to the point where its blog functionality is just one of its features. You can now manage an entire website using WordPress, and have that website look nothing like a blog (and not even have a blog as part of the site!). Second, understand what WordPress brings to the table as a content management system. Content management systems are usually difficult to learn and somewhat buggy. WordPress has long been focused on the user experience and making things easy. This is the main thing that sets it apart and the main reason I try to steer clients into managing their business website with it.

The other reason I love WordPress is purely selfish. One of my favorite programming languages is called “PHP”. I’ve built large and complicated sites using that language and so have a strong working knowledge of it. Also, I’ve been building and working on commercial websites for over 10 years now, making me something of an expert in the techniques of making a page look like whatever I want the page to look like (HTML and CSS). Well, WordPress is written in PHP and using my knowledge of PHP, HTML and CSS, I can manipulate it in whatever way I see fit. The team of programmers who developed and continue to work on WordPress are extremely talented, and the guiding force and philosophy behind the development is visionary. As a result, WordPress is truly a pleasure to work with and is what I most like to develop websites with.

In summary, if you want to edit your own website, I’m going to encourage you to have me develop your site using the WordPress platform. You’ll be very pleased with the results. I am a freelance website designer and programmer living and working in the Boulder, Colorado area. Feel free to contact me anytime to discuss your website needs.

Chad Phillips|
New Vibe Web Design, Boulder CO

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