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I think the title of this article says it all.  If you are doing business networking on social networking sites, does that make sense?

Imagine you go to a party, a social gathering, but are there to promote your business.  You move through the venue,  starting conversations, asking each person what they do.  When they return the favor and ask what you do – BAM!  You give them a well-prepared rundown.  Features and benefits, and oh, well I understand you don’t need my professional  services, but here’s a few business cards for you to give to your friends who also don’t need my services.

Before long you find yourself sitting alone at this party and you notice people are being careful not to mill about – no, they are all huddling together for safety.  Seeing there are no loners for you to prey upon, you join a large group of people and cleverly interject something into the conversation about your line of work – and it falls flat.

You hit the snack table and on your way by the trash can notice that mingled among the discarded toothpicks, beverage napkins and paper plates are many of the business cards you distributed.  I don’t believe this is good for business.

If your business is something novel or interesting, something that people would be surprised to hear about and would tell someone about later, then it belongs on Facebook.  Example:  “And what do you do?”
“I compose music for individuals that causes them to sleep very deeply every night, even if they are worried about stuff.  It changes their lives forever.”

People would fall all over themselves to tell their friends about your service.

If you are just a skilled person who does a good job at something not unusual or exciting (like me), then the only reason to have a page on Facebook is so that you can put a link to it on your website (makes you look “with it”).  Other than that, I think you are wasting you time, which is why my business is not on Facebook.

By the way, I do love Facebook.  I’ve used it to get in touch with old friends, and for that, I think it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.

I’ve spoken to friends of mine who use Facebook a lot.  They tell me they have never found a business on Facebook.  They also say that “a business should be on facebook”.  They can’t tell me why exactly, but they firmly believe that.   Similarly, I’ve spoken with my clients who use Facebook to promote their business.  They tell me they can’t identify a single bit of business they’ve gotten from being on Facebook, but they tell me that it’s a great thing for them to be doing.  I don’t know why so much work is being done to convince businesses they should be on Facebook, but it’s working!  I hope my dissenting voice will make you think logically about whether your business really belongs on Facebook (or Twitter).

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