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If you want your web site to get traffic from people doing Internet searches, you need to find a quality search engine marketing firm.  Search engine marketing, a.k.a. search engine optimization or SEO, is akin to copywriting, but in many ways it would seem that it is best done by someone with a degree in computer science rather than marketing.  But that is not the case.  In fact while the writer has to be aware of the search engines while creating the text, the actual text needs to be directed at a human reader.

Ironically, many search engine marketing companies do not know this. They write text directed at Google, and Google is simply too smart for that. They create pages heavily laden in keywords without regard for the actual quality of the page or enhancing the user experience.  While such tactics used to work beautifully, the high, holy algorithm has eclipsed it’s binary nature and transcended into as close to a human reader as one can get. Bottom line: if the text isn’t of any interest to a human, the Google algorithm is going to get really bored with it too. Using a search engine marketing firm that can demonstrate its success for other clients is the answer. That’s how you tell which company will do a good job – find one that can show you they know what they are doing.

So, if you are looking for search engine marketing in Boulder, Louisville or nearby areas, we encourage you to call us today.  We can help you to rank well on the search engines by creating a richer environment for your web site visitors.

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Custom Website Design in Boulder, Colorado: Quality Versus Quantity

Custom Website Design:

Almost all businesses begin small. In their humble beginnings, they may be more likely to offer their services at a lower cost than their competition. Initially, their product or service might be of lower quality, or it doesn’t come with all the added perks that a more established competitor can offer. Gradually, most businesses try to improve their product or service so that they can appeal to a more potential customers, or more upscale clientele and charge much more for their goods and services. Toyota is a good example of this, having put out loads of low-priced vehicles to start, and then gradually improving quality to the point where they are now priced higher than many other cars in their class. Many companies that do web design fall in this category. There is a huge difference between inexperienced designers and experienced ones.  There are many new and inexperienced web designers who, if they stick with it for long enough, gain more experience and work their way up to better and better quality products over time.

In your own business, and in your own marketing strategy, which makes sense: a cheap, inexperienced website design firm, or a quality custom website design company? Naturally, since we are the latter, we say to choose us, but let’s go a little deeper and understand why that answer isn’t motivated purely on a desire to sell our services.

Returning to the earlier theme of businesses trying to steadily reach a more clientele, and gain the ability to charge a premium price for what they sell because of the perceived (or actual) advantage to the customer, it is clear why you would want to have a nice-looking website design, as opposed to a amateurish or poorly-made design. If you want a design that is going to give potential customers the impression that you are a first-class outfit, then you need to work with a professional company, that can make that happen. If you want people to think you provide the bare minimum at the lowest possible prices, then build the site yourself or let a large company that doesn’t specialize in design do it for you. They’ll turn out some hokey mish-mash that will say: “definitely not the best, maybe not even average”.

In closing, the web design company you choose for your business will for many folks be their first impression of your company. If you want to appeal to a higher-end clientele, or if you want to give first impression of quality, you’ll want to work with a professional company with over 20 years of experience, a company like ours!

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Boulder Colorado Web Design and Search Engine Optimization: Welcome to the Wild West

Shopping for web design in Boulder County, or anywhere for that matter, is sort of like buying gold from miners in the wild west – if you don’t know what fools gold looks like, you could be in trouble. There is no test to pass to call yourself a web designer, and an individual who doesn’t have a lot of experience might think he’s a great one. In other words, the miner might not know what fools gold is either.

So, how do you tell if you are getting quality web design? This article tells how to quickly make sure you are dealing with the real deal when you look for web development, without having to know a lot about the subject.

Web Design Shopping Principle One
The first thing you can do is to ask what steps are taken to ensure the web site looks correct in different browsers. While most people view websites in Google Chrome, many visitors will be using other web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox or Safari. If you ask: “What steps do you take to ensure that the website looks good in different browsers?” and the answer is anything short of “We test the finished web site in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome and Safari,” this could be a real red flag. Often times amateur web designs are only tested in one browser.

Web Design Shopping Principle Two
The second thing you can do is to say this: “Explain to me in layman’s terms what you will do to make my site rank well in the search engines.” As you know, if someone really understands something, they can explain it in simple terms. If the person claims they are going to use “proprietary techniques” that they can’t reveal the nature of, you might want to walk away. There is nothing extraordinarily proprietary about search engine optimization, since any designer can look at a web site and see what has been done to it. In short, you should walk away from this answer with a good understanding of what will be done.  Some people will say that the search engine optimization will cost a lot of money – again, I would walk away. A comprehensive search engine marketing plan should cost money, but a basic search engine optimization should not. When shopping for Boulder search engine optimization and marketing, you can always contact us for straight talk on Internet marketing.

Web Design Shopping Principle Three
Ask about hosting. Ask what is included in the cost. The average maintenance burden for web hosting  is probably between 4 and 6 hours per year. So, when someone wants to sell you a maintenance plan that includes 10 hours or 20 hours or more per year (and charge a hefty monthly fee for it) you would be correct to be skeptical. Making a simple text change to a site, like changing the phone number, might take less than 15 minutes. Adding an entire page of content can often be done in an hour or less. When you first create a web site, you may believe that you are going to continuously update it, but experience has shown us that very rarely does anyone have time. Besides, you don’t want your website to be a burden to you – it should help your business and mostly take care of itself! Ask if you can change your hosting plan at any time, add or remove maintenance at any time. Ask what portion of the hosting fee is for the maintenance on the site and what portion is strictly for keeping the site live and hosting the email accounts.  If you have a WordPress site, you probably won’t need much maintenance at all!

In conclusion, I hope these principles help you shop for a quality web design company in Boulder. In addition to these, of course its good to rely on referrals from friends and to look at the other sites the company has done. One final thought is to ask the company if the site in their portfolio that you like is comparable to what you will be getting. Some designs cost much more than others, so it is good to clarify this point. Good luck!

Chad Phillips
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The Economics of Web Design

New Vibe Web Design – Boulder CO and Louisville CO web design:


If you are looking for web design in Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, Erie, Longmont, Broomfield or other Front Range locations, it might help you to understand the costs involved in web design. These costs fall into a few categories: graphic design, HTML coding, back-end programming, and/or WordPress design.

The cost of the graphic design aspect of your web design varies drastically from one company to another. Some web designers have absolutely no training in graphic design and you get what you pay for. They charge nothing to design the site, because they don’t actually design it, they just throw it together. A web site concept might vary in price from $100 for a student job, up to thousands for a design from a large marketing firm. Skilled graphic designers make very nice looking web sites. Ask about the graphic design skills of your web designer. Paying five hundred to a thousand dollars for a good design is well worth it.

The cost of the HTML coding of your web site may be the least expensive aspect the job. In this category you see variation also, as some designers do not take pains to see that the sites they create work in different browsers. A growing number of Internet users use Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. These browsers have important differences in the way they display web pages. If someone isn’t aware of these differences, a portion of your web site viewers could see a page very differently from the one you see. Paying about three hundred dollars per page for good HTML coding is reasonable.

Database programming that interacts with the users of your website can be very expensive. The reason is that it requires a lot of specialized knowledge and can be the toughest and most time-consuming to make it work right. When a web design company, be very careful in who you select if you need asp, php, or other programming. This type of job often goes wrong at the very beginning. What usually happens is you say you want the site to do “x” and instead of asking you the myriad of questions that should come to mind and figuring out exactly how the job is going to work, the programmer simply tells you “sure”.  As a result, the end product has problems which you did not foresee. The programmer says “not my problem” because he did exactly what you asked for. What you need when you are ordering a web design that has programming behind it is for someone to help you specify the job in its entirety. To specify the job means to look at all the possibilities in advance and define how the site will behave. Without a proper specification, the site will normally not turn out well.

When a website in built in WordPress, there is a combination of graphic design, HTML writing, and sometimes database programming.  Almost all of the sites I build today are built into WordPress to give the client the ability to make changes to and maintain their own website.  I specialize in custom WordPress design.  I create a look for the site and then build that look into WordPress so that the website appears to be a normal website.  I can do virtually any type of job in WordPress including ecommerce and complicated database features.

In summary, you should use an experienced web design company, and you should go over everything that you want in your design in advance. This will avoid many of the problems people experience when purchasing their web design.

Chad Phillips
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Web design in Boulder CO and the Front Range, including Louisville, Lafayette, Erie, Longmont and Broomfield


About Web Design Companies in Boulder CO and the Front Range

Shopping for Web Design in Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette or along the Front Range?

Now that’s a large market.

We have been in the web site design business for over 20 years.  For the past 10 years New Vibe Web Design has been doing web design, hosting and search engine optimization for businesses, large and small, in Boulder and surrounding areas.  Check out our portfolio of our recent designs.  Our web designs reflect the unique desires of each client. Some companies have a one-size-fits-all approach to web design. When you look at our portfolio, you see a wide variety of colors, shapes and approaches.

Something else to consider is the price of your web design. Our prices are not the lowest, but they are also not the highest. We aren’t looking to make the most money possible off of each client – this isn’t a oil and lube joint! If you look at the competition, you’ll find everything from hobbyists who won’t finish the job ever, to companies with fancy offices that will overcharge you. When you make a final decision on who to hire for your web design, consider the company that will treat you right: New Vibe Web Design.

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New Vibe Web Design – Web design in the Boulder CO area including Louisville, Lafayette, Erie, Longmont and Broomfield CO

Are You Looking for Web Design in Boulder CO, Louisville CO or surrounding areas?

Web Design companies in Boulder CO and Louisville CO are everywhere. Finding one that has the right combination of price and quality is a very important task. Not all web designers are computer programmers. Some just use software to build web sites and when things don’t work right, they have to take time and money-consuming detours to get the project done. Even basic web designs can require esoteric knowledge and the tools at the disposal of an experienced web design company will produce a better site than an inexperienced one.

If you’re looking for a web design company you have to be careful to chose a reputable business.  Some web design companies might not be stable and you may find that your project never gets finished and you have to find a new company.  Another problem that may arise is that the company doesn’t plan their projects well and you could experience huge delays in getting your web design completed. Finally, sometimes people promise something that they are simply not skilled enough to pull off, in which case you really need a new company!

No matter what the size or composition of the job, if you want a good web design and company that can deliver what it promises, you should choose us.  We guarantee you’ll get straight talk about our capabilities and our schedules. For web design you can count on, call today or use this form. You will get a professional web site every time from New Vibe Web Design.

References are available upon request!

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In Terms of Value, New Vibe Web Design Delivers Big in Boulder CO

New Vibe Web Design

Perhaps you’ve shopped around for a web design services and you have probably seen a big variation in price from one web design company to another.  The truth is that web design comes in many shapes and sizes and it’s really difficult to measure value.

So how valuable is a web design?  If web design A makes 10% of the people that see it pick up the phone and call you, whereas web design B makes only 2% of the visitors call, then clearly design A has more value.  So, one aspect of its value comes from the design itself.  A better web design, with better words and arrangement is worth more.  Next, if web design A ranks in the top ten on Google and design B ranks somewhere in the teens, then web design A is again more valuable.  Good search engines rankings give you the best chance of visitors, and therefore the best chance of value.  Finally, if visitors to web design A easily find what they are looking for, but visitors to design B get confused and leave, web design A is clearly more valuable.  This last aspect, usability, can add a lot of value to a web design.

New Vibe Web Design creates usable, visually appealing designs that also rank well on the search engines – all for the same price as many web designers charge for inferior design alone.  For web design in Boulder CO, Louisville and surrounding areas, call 720-335-6552 or email through our contact form.  You’ll get a great value, I guarantee it.

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Where Do Web Designers Come From?

New Vibe Web Design – Web Design in Boulder Colorado:

Anyone can call themselves a web designer – there is no licensing or educational requirement.  So in general, what is the background of someone who does web design?  I’ve found you can divide them into a four main categories: techies, graphic designers, programmers, and bona fide web designers.

A person with good computer skills can easily figure out how to put a web site up on the Internet – making it look good is another matter.  A techie website design lacks visual appeal (although the techie doesn’t realize that).  Techies like to throw moving things into their design whether they really fit or not.  Often times the colors are poorly chosen, different parts of the page fight for the user’s attention – overall, they just lack design skills and it shows on their web sites.  A good techie can get some advanced functionality into a site and can usually find a way to work around their shortcomings by consulting web design professionals through forums.  Many techies are IT people and have to troubleshoot and find difficult solutions to stubborn problems for a living, which lends itself well to web design, which is fraught with challenges.  Again, the shortcoming is in the visual quality of the design, which means your website won’t make the best impression on visitors – not good for business.

Graphic Designers
A graphic designer knows how to use color, balance and many other factors to create a visually appealing image.  A website designed by a graphic designer will look nice, but will often have a number of problems.  Many of these sites load slowly, get poor search engines rankings, are not easy to use and lack some basic web design tricks that make the experience better for the user.  Just as the techie tends to overload a web site with functionality, the graphic designer tends to overload a web site with graphics.

Programmers can use programming languages to create interactive and dynamic web sites such as online stores, blog sites, auction sites, dating sites and others.  Usually, programmers work with web designers on these sites with the web designers creating the look and feel of the site and the programmers supplying the “back-end” functionality.  Sometimes, programmers take it upon themselves to create an entire site.  The result is a huge shame, because the programmer’s hard work in creating an amazing and useful tool is wasted by their lack of ability in making it visually appealing.  In a word, programmer sites are ugly.  Fortunately, it is rather easy for a web designer to come along and salvage the work by building a “front-end” that makes the whole thing sing.

Web Designers
So, what is a bona fide web designer?  That would be a person who has some skill in graphic design, programming and a techie mentality.  A bona fide web designer usually starts as a Techie, Graphic Designer, or Programmer and then develops skills in the other two disciplines.  A really good web designer has enough skill to work as a graphic designer, programmer, or IT person, but wouldn’t necessarily be the best at any one of the three.  Someone who has one of the skills above, but lacks the other two can create incredibly sites simply by getting help from someone who is strong where they are weak, but in this case someone must understand what the final web site is going to consist of and must guide the project accordingly.

I know of no school that graduates capable web designers as described above.  Mostly, a bona fide web designer has years of experience in the trenches, doing the work and learning the ins and outs of a very complex endeavor.  While a computer savvy individual can launch a web site alone, making that site look and function well is a completely different matter!

Chad Phillips
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Recently Completed…

Recently Completed…

Conversion of Travolta.com Flash site to iPhone/iPad compatible site using HTML5 and jquery animations.

Recently Completed…

Recently Completed…

WordPress site for Bambinos! in Colorado, maker of the Tidy Table Tray.